Monday, January 16, 2012

Yard Work

I know it has finally started getting cold around here but I got my Burpee seed catalog last week and now all I can think about is spring and planting a garden. I finally have all the plans for the vegetable garden.

I'm planting:
-Tomatoes(slicing and grape)
-Yellow Squash
-Snap beans (pole and bush)
-Leaf Lettuce
-Strawberrys(ground cover in the flower beds up front around the Gardenia bushes)

When I moved to this house I hated the outside.There were no plants, flowers, anything that made it look lived in. I worked really hard last year to turn the front into something pretty and I think I've accomplished that. Now I need to work on the area under all my bird feeders. Its partial shade, well drained acidic soil. I've been doing a lot of research and have decided on azaleas, rhodies, and blueberry bushes. I can't wait to get them in the ground in the next few weeks!!

This is the area that is getting the major renovation:

The coolest thing I get to do this year by far is keep bees. My sister's neighbor has many many hives and sells her honey. We are pretty good friends with her and when I asked her about how to get my own hive, bees, equipment, etc she kindly offered to just bring one of her hives over and let her bees live at my house. I'll get my garden pollinated and I'll get paid in honey for the space being used. I will have to feed them sometimes and she is going to bring extra equipment and start showing me how to keep them so I can decide if I want to start my own hives. I can't wait!!!


  1. The barn owners at Lilly's barn keep bees too. I've never had any of their honey, but they're always driving to see the bees in bee suits.

    I'm going to try and do a garden this year too. All I did last year was tomatoes, but I hope to add cucumbers and maybe peppers.

  2. You can save space by growing your cucumbers on a tomato cage. You can put 2-3 plants under a tomato cage and as they grow and vine put them on the wire and you'll have hanging cucumbers so you don't have them taking up tons of room by running along the ground.