Monday, January 16, 2012

Leftover that don't suck! Chicken Nachos

Being single means getting over the cooking for 1 AND not getting sick of leftovers hurdle. I'm getting closer.....

Last week I made dinner for my Mom and her husband Larry. I baked 6 chicken breasts, green beans, rice, and homemade bbq sauce. I would have normally put the bbq sauce on the chicken in the oven but knew I didn't want to eat that meal for a week no matter how good it was. I left 1 breast in the frig for bbq the next day and put the rest in the freezer.

Last night I decided to pull them out to thaw. I didn't feel like cooking last night(rare but it does happen) so I made sure to use them today.

First I grabbed my large frying pan and added some peppers and onions. I like using the red/yellow peppers for color but the are so expensive I use green ones. I grow the colorful ones in the summer!

When they cook down I took 3 chicken breasts and shredded them into the frying pan. I then added 3/4 C water and a packed of taco seasoning. I plan on figuring out my own taco seasoning mix though. I boil this for 5 min or until the water has reduced and is now more of a sauce.

While its boiling I grabbed my PC stonewear and put a plate on it. I put tortilla chips on the plate. I make sure to spread them out. When the taco mix was done I put it over the chips enough to have chicken on each chip. Then I liberally topped with cheese. I get the taco-mix cheeses. (Tip: put some cheese on the edges so that your chips don't go sliding off.)

I slip this into the oven at about 400 for 6-7 min or until the cheese is good and melted.

When you pull it out of the oven slide another plate underneath it so you don't burn yourself. Eat with salsa, sour cream, guacamole, or any variation you prefer.

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  1. Load those up with sour cream! :) Those nachos look quite yummy!