Friday, March 16, 2012


A friend of mine was supposed to come over for a Scary Movie night but sadly he got sick and so I decided to make the tacos anyway and experiment a little.

I have some grass fed beef in the freezer from a local lady and wanted to try it out. So into the small frying pan to brown. I added a palm-full of red onions and a pinch of garlic salt while it browned.

Notice how dark this beef is?

Meanwhile I made some guacamole. When I first started making it I went through a few batches before I decided what I liked.
-Red onion
-lime juice
-pinch of salt.

Put it in the fridge to cool.

I was talking to my younger brother yesterday about making tacos and he suggested frying up the tortillas, says he does it and will never go back. Since he is a fellow foodie, I trusted him and tried it.....I will have to say I  AGREE. I will NEVER have normal tortillas in my house again.

Get a frying pan and put a small amount of canola oil in the bottom:
 Turn to Medium and let it warm up. This cooks SO fast I literally couldn't take any pictures.

Put the flour tortilla in the hot oil for approximately 7-10 seconds per side. You want it lightly browned. It might fluff up and thats ok.

Then put them on a plate with paper towels and start piling on the good stuff.

Meat Mix:
 Next was shredded cheese and the homemade guac.  See the lightly browned color of the tortilla?

Fold the tortilla and ENJOY. I promise you'll love it.

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