Saturday, March 10, 2012

Spring Onions

Growing up I remember being sent out to the garden right before dinner to pull a few onions. Dad would wash them, slice them, and put vinegar or just salt on them and we would have them with dinner. They were sweet, warm from being in the ground, and SO good. This year I wasn't about to deny myself the pleasure of these onions.

I decided on the Georgia Sweet variety and bought a bundle from the local hardware store. I have limited space because of all my veggies going in this year so I got about 25 in the garden....along the side and a short row beside the taters.

When you buy a bundle(sorry I didn't take a pic) there are TONS of them and as much as I like them I couldn't see allowing them to go to waste so I decided to shove them in other places where they can grow but aren't taking up precious garden space.

Around a stump:

On the backside of the flower bed:

I know they look sad and pathetic now but in a day or so they will stand straight up and start growing.

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