Wednesday, March 28, 2012

700 Miles in 4 Days....

I love to travel, I love seeing new places, I love visiting places that I know well and love to see again....I'm convinced the BEST part of coming home.

Last Thursday I started my journey very early in the morning. I headed to a friend's house north of Greensboro. This is someone that I've "known" online for about 10 years now but have never met. We have horses, critters, and gardening in common and have been chatting on FB a lot lately. I told her I was going through her area and she generously had me come to her house and get some plants for my garden.

I'm a southern girl and couldn't go without gifts so I brought her a dozen duck eggs....and 8 baby chicks.

We had a BLAST, played with her yearling, played with the chickens, talked a LOT, and I feel like she dug up half her yard for me.

 Pepper found a Jolly Ball:

After packing up ALL the plants she gave me I headed to my Grandma's house in Salisbury. I got to have a nice visit with her and stayed the night. Once at Grandma's house she informed me that she doesn't want the butterfly bush anymore. Its a volunteer from all the ones that my Grandpa had out there. She wanted me to dig it up and put it in the woods. So I dug it up and put it in my truck. While I was wondering around her property I couldn't help notice all the Wisteria and since I was all gung-ho gardener I decided to dig some up to bring home....1 hour later and LOTS of sweat and cursing I came home with 2 nice sized root systems and some very green pieces that will hopefully root. I'm going to see if I can keep one as a bush....the other is going WAY out in the woods because I'm CONVINCED you'll never dig this stuff up if you decided you don't want it anymore!
Then it was off to Troutman for a 2 day auction, seeing old friends, and having a blast. They sold about 600 horses in one day. Prices were all over the place and I had a blast!

Sadly I had to leave the sale about 3pm to go pick up a kitten for a friend and deliver her on the way back home.

Pepper was definitely beat and ready to be home:

We got home and I got to see all the progress in the garden/yard:

Phlox seem to be happy where they were planted:

My taters are VERY happy in their tires: 

The grapes are making me realize I need to start building a trellis SOON:

Strawberry plants seem to be growing right before my eyes:

 Wildflower packet is coming up strong and will need to be thinned:

 The piles of plants I brought home and now have to plant:

So Sunday morning it was up early to drive to Kinston for class all day, drove home, then worked my normal 24 hr shift on Monday. 

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  1. Looks like a fun and productive trip! I assume you have big plans for this weekend to plant all those new plants? I absolutely love butterfly bushes, so I can't wait to see what color the one is you have. They're beatiful!