Friday, February 17, 2012

Terra-Fresh Experiment

A friend of mine has a son in Idaho that is part of the Terra-Fresh project. She recently went for a visit and brought me back a very small container of this product. I was told that it was free as long as I promised to test it on HALF of my garden and take pictures to document.

I will tell you right now I LOVE stuff like this and can't WAIT to try it.

You use ONE DROP per gallon to water the plants. They also show on some videos and information on the website soaking the roots in the diluted solution before planting. They also show how you can put 1 drop of the diluted solution on the seeds and have incredible results.

I'm starting a bunch of seeds inside next week so this will be a fun experiment and I promise lots of pictures. I also can't wait to try it outside. I wish I had seen the root soaking before I planted the raspberries but oh well.

Since my raspberries are all planted in a row together it will be hard to keep only certain ones watered with terra fresh but I will see what I can do.

They ask that I am consistent so if I use the solution once, twice, or three times a week to keep it up throughout the growing process.

Whats even better is its 100% natural and my friend's son says he puts a drop in his coffee.....I'm not THAT brave but I'm eager to try it on the plants and document the results.

Almost everything I'm planting will be part of the experiment. The only one I'm a little hesitant to try the control on is the strawberries. I am using them in the front of my house in my flower beds I don't one side to be awesome and the other to be sad.....any ideas on how to fix that??

If anyone wants to read more or join the experiment: Terra-Fresh

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