Thursday, February 9, 2012

Mac McQuown - Marine Walking

Yesterday I was honored to meet Mac McQuown. This is a Marine walking over 15,000 miles to raise awareness for veterans. He stayed at our Rescue station last night and ate dinner with the rescue squad before our meeting.

Mac was polite, gracious, and has a long road ahead of him. He sat around and told his story and answered hundreds of questions from all of us. Mac struck out for Wake Forest FD this morning and tomorrow he will head to the Capital and stay at Station 1 Raleigh FD.  He is heading to FL on this leg of the trip. He projects it will take about 5-6 years to finish this mission. His goal is to raise awareness for veterans and raise money for homeless veterans.

Since its tax time if you are looking for somewhere to donate this year I can't suggest a better place!!

To read Mac's story, donate, or keep track of him by GPS go to:

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