Monday, February 13, 2012

Gardening, gardening, and more gardening

Last year I moved into this property too late to do any real gardening. I made some improvements but nothing like I really wanted. This year I've been planning for months! Last year I planned out my garden and put up a border.....then I got my seed catalog. Now I have a NEW garden plot and the old one is going to be for flowers. LOL

So I got the tiller out and have been breaking up the ground, fertilizing, and planting. I won't be able to plant much for another few weeks but this is what I have so far:
 This is the previous garden spot which will now be the flower garden:
(Pepper being a good model!)

The garden measured off by fence posts before tilling.

The ever frustrating 5' STUMP in my backyard! I actually think I'm going to put this to good use this year. I'm going to string wire over it and grow my vine green beans on it. It will cover it up and allow me to have many different kinds of green beans. YAY 

This is in front of the house. I know it looks rough but its winter. I'll be putting in my strawberries in front of the gardenias and then mulch.
 Please excuse the bucket.  I catch the drip from the window AC and use it to water the plants.

This is my ROCK GARDEN. UGH If nothing else this year I'll have PLANTS out front!! I ordered a lot of drought tolerant and very resilient seeds to plant out there. Hopefully in a few months you won't recognize it.

This is where all my cosmos will be going. I ordered the variety that get 4-5' tall!! It will be a gorgeous border between my yard and my neighbors. 

First till of the garden.

The LOAD of old horse manure and bedding.

This was spread out over the garden, flower garden, raspberry area, front "yard", and compost pile.

Lets get to the raspberries! I know the bucket doesn't look like much but it holds my Lillies, Raspberries, and Cannas. I'm still not sure where the cannas are going. I'm pretty sure most are going to my mom's beach house. They'll love it there.

So one last till before the raspberries go in:

Now I know it doesn't look like much but the raspberry canes are in! Next was to put wire around them so they won't fall over from the weight of the berries. My first crop will be this fall.

The Lillies went out front in the rock garden. I didn't take a picture because right now it doesn't look like much. LOL


  1. I can taste the raspberry pie already! It looks really good! Are you putting the veggies in that other area you tilled up?

  2. Nice! That is a lot of work to do in one season... you are just rocking it quickly. Grateful for this mild winter huh?! :D