Saturday, December 29, 2012

Raised Bed Gardening Step 1

I have been wanting to put raised beds along my house since I moved in. I have been keeping my eye on craigslist for cheap bricks, cinder blocks, wood, etc.

This week I hit jackpot! I found a deal on one of the facebook pages for 2-3 cubes of bricks for $60. A cube is 510 bricks. I was thrilled and made arrangements to get them ASAP.

After a long day and 3 loads to get it all to the house I was able to get 8 beds. I had enough to do 6 beds down the side of the house, 1 bed at the end of the house for my future strawberry bed, a nice bed around my blackberry patch, and enough bricks to make another bed probably tomorrow.

All that is left over:

The beds were done at different heights:

The rest of the beds and my future strawberry patch! If you see the white bucket under the AC unit I left a gap here to add a rain barrel to collect water and I will have a hose long enough to water all the beds throughout the summer.

Tease for future blog:

Peasant Bread

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