Friday, February 25, 2011

Horses of my Past

(From the left: Anna, Max, Apple, Romeo, Oops, Easy)

In my 11 years or so of horse ownership I have owned around 47 horses. I know that sounds like a lot but a combination of lesson horses, rescues, rescues turned into lesson horses, and the search for Apple's replacement has lead to a lot of horses. Most of them were taken from bad situations and ended up in much better. Others were already in good situations and are still in good situations. I would love to tell you that I know where each and everyone of them are to this day however I won't lie. I checked where they were going and trusted those who helped me find them new homes. At one time I owned 9 but that was only for a short amount of time. 

I have always felt responsible for horses that need a home/friend but always knew that if they all stayed around I wouldn't have room for the next ones that needed help. 

A few years ago I decided I should try to keep a list of these horses. I think this is all of them but I'm not 100% positive. I worked with 2 fabulous "horse traders" that I trusted. They were honest and told me everything about the horses I got from them and I sold them a few or sold a few through them. One did a lot of summer/girl scout camps so quite a few of the quiet horses that were rehabbed went to him and anything registered or working type of QH went to him. 
I don't want to sound like a horse trader nor like a pink and fuzzy rescue that never rehomed my horses. I am at peace with it because I know they all were better for being removed from the situation they were in. My goal was to work with them and train them to turn out good broke horses that hopefully were so patient and tolerant they never ended up in a similar situation again. Everyone that has bought a horse from me knows that if something happens they can call me to buy/take the horse back. I know sometime bad situations happen to good horses but typically the better broke a horse is....the less likely of them ending up starved or abused. 

I'm going to be posting stories about each one....its going to take a while though....some were in my life a short while and only need 1 chapter while others were here for years and deserve many many chapters.

Here is my list(NOT in any kind of order):
1. Jinx - First horse. 14HH pony mare. 4yr old Red and White paint.
2. Apple - Got him as a long yearling
3. Max - 18 yr old Arab gelding. 15.2hh 
4. Easy - AQHA Given to me November 2002. 
5. Trouble -  Easy's colt. Born 5/6/04
6. Anna - TB mare. Given to me when she was 21. 
7. Oops -  Belgian mare 14yr old
8. Zoe - 13.2 hh Registered few spot appaloosa pony mare.
9. Romeo - AQHA 15.3hh gelding. 5 yr old
10. Uno -  Pony sized mustang mare. Only had one ear.  
11. Dorito - Blue roan stud. 2-3yr old.
12. Sam - Qh gelding. Given to me, skinny but super broke. 13-15yr old.
13. Dory - 2yr old Arab cross. Skinny and neglected. 
14. Austin - Bayish gelding. 5yr old. 
15. Lopez - Big bay TB cross mare.  Early teens I think. 16.2hh
16. Pie - 8yr old OTTB.
17. Baron - TB gelding. 20+ 
18. Davis - fleabitten grey TB gelding.  
19. Aspen - yearling black filly. 
20. Jojo -  10yr old QH cross. 
21. Evil Mule
22. Tessa - TB mare. Fleabitten mare. 16.3hh 
23. Desi - 8yr old bay mare. QH cross. 
24. Buckskin Pony Gelding - Peanut. 13.3hh around 10 I think.
25. Red Roan Mare - 8yr old. - Frosty
26. Ace - Spanish Mustang Gelding. 15.hh 
27. Abby - Bay OTTB mare 6yr old.
28. Lilly - Sorrel QH mare.  4yr old.
29. Trick - 5yr old Arab/Qh cross. Sorrel gelding. 14.3hh.
30. Dillon - 8yr old buskin gelding.
31. Kermit - Grey AQHA stallion. Golden Groundhog 5yr old
32. Athena - 16 yr old TB mare. Given to me, super skinny.
33. App Stud colt - Red roan app 3 yr old. 
34. Cody - Arab stud colt. Bay. RAF Mosabi Bay.
35. Jazz - Paint mare. 
36. Hope - 5yr old nice hunter pony mare.
37. Andy -5yr old AQHA working cow horse. Mr. Starlight Opa
38. Lori - Registered TWH mare.   
39. Gus - Skip the Ronald. 15yr old App gelding. 
40. Lady - Black free mare TWH. 
41. Chanel/Piper. Reg warmblood mare. Tb/OLD/HAN 11yrs old. 16.2hh 
42. May - 15.1hh 7yr old Arab/Saddlbred mare
43. Justice - DRA JUSTASWEETCHILD 9yr old Arab/Saddlebred mare.
44. Blue roan pony hermaphrodite. 5yr old
45. Alvin - paint stud then gelded. 5yr old. 
46. Sorrel Mare - 2yr old 
47. Bay Gelding - 2yr old
48. Emmett - 4 yr old grey TB gelding. From Katie Wilkins. Sold to Amanda.


  1. Hehehe! Evil mule... maybe he was just misunderstood. :)

    That's a cute picture of you! The horses all look so well behaved, but I would expect nothing less from your horses. I can't wait to read their stories!

  2. LOL no...pretty sure she was evil.

    Thanks, that was one I took for a Christmas collage many many years ago. I should have put who was who....going to fix now.