Saturday, February 26, 2011

Easy - Chapter 1

     I'm not a huge believer of fate or luck but I would like to believe in some kind of karma but don't put tons of stock in it either...however I truly believe that Easy was brought to me. She needed me and I'm better for knowing her. My first lesson was biting my tongue.

     Our journey started in the late spring, I knew from summer camps the past few years that I would need help for the coming summer. I was looking to hire someone part time to help me get crafts arranged and help the smaller kids with the horses so I placed a few ads here and there. Not too long after the ad was placed I got a call from a girl that was looking for a job and we got talking and she started telling me about a mare she owned that was highly aggressive and she was planning on putting her down as soon as she weaned the foal off of her. This mare had put 2 people in the hospital and was considered dangerous. Funny thing about horse people....once you get them takes hours to shut them up.

     Once I heard the description of this mare I was hooked and had to meet her. I arranged to come out a few days later and meet this violent horse. I get out to this nice little property with about 10 horses on it. The barn is set up so there is an isle and each stall is set up so you walk in through the barn and there is a 12x12 stall, then there is a half door leading to a 6' overhang and an individual paddock. I loved the setup. I was directed to a stall and walked right in. The owner and barn owner FREAKED and said that I couldn't go in there without a dressage whip. As I turn back towards the mare I see an ANGRY face and teeth heading my way. As quickly as I could I got BIG and popped her on the nose and chased her out of the stall. She left but wasn't happy about it.

      I quieted my breathing and peaked around the corner at a thin sunken mare with a healthy robust colt that was a few months old by her side. The mare was stressed you could almost see her grinding her teeth and hyperventilating. She wouldn't make eye contact and her whole body was tight with caution of my presence, looking down her feet were in desperate need of attention.

    This was what I hoped a confused and misunderstood mare. She appeared more scared than angry and was doing whatever she could to protect herself and her foal. I introduced myself by pushing a little here and there. Would she move forward? Would she turn away? Would she stop? Each time she moved I stood still and let her leave me without following after her.

     Finally I felt it was safe to slip a lead rope on her. She stood still but turned her head away slightly and avoided looking at me.  I gave her a "that'll do pig" rub and we headed towards the arena alone to get better acquainted.

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  1. My friend has a mare like that, although they bred her hoping it would calm her down. She was famous for biting a chunk of flesh off my 4-H leader's arm. Not a nice mare at all.

    Easy sounds similar, and I bet the owner was freaked out when you started handling her!