Thursday, May 10, 2012

Terra-Fresh Squash and Spring Onions

As I have mentioned in previous posts I've been experimenting with a wonderful fertilzer called Terra-Fresh. It all natural and so far what I've seen is VERY impressive.

I planted squash in 2 different places of the garden so I could fertilize one row but not the other. They were planted the same day. They've been watered the same amount. The only difference is that Fridays I fertilize one row with TF. Next time I take pictures to update with I'll bring a pencil, pen, dollar...something to compare the size.


NON-TF Squash: Coming in strong, good leaves, good growth from day to day, and generally looks great and developing on time for your typical Squash plant.

 TF-Squash Plant: I honestly don't think I need to say anything. LOL

Spring onions are one of my favorite summer treats. I'll go pull up a few before dinner to wash them, slice them in a bowl, add a little salt and pepper and really enjoy an awesome appetizer. These onions were bought together in a bundle and like the squash were planted the same day, rows apart, one row got TF, one didn't....


Non-TF Spring Onions:

TF-Spring Onions:

To compare:

I'm thrilled with these tests so far and can't wait to see the results from my maters, green beans, strawberries, etc.


  1. Awesome pictures! Everyone at Terra Fresh is thrilled to hear about your results. Keep up the good work!

  2. Thanks for posting! Glad to see you are happy with your results. To clarify you have not used ANY other fertilizers on TF side? Usually we tell people to cut back by 50% but if you are getting these results with no fertilizer that is fantastic! Thanks again for your hard work and your documentation of events :)

  3. how much do you mix for two gallons of water

  4. Edward, I tilled aged horse manure into the whole garden before I started planting this year. I haven't used ANY other fertilizer other than TF.

    Aunt Kristie, I'm using the suggested 1 drop/gallon weekly. I do have a portion that is a more concentrated mix that I use when I transplant angry plants to my yard to help them out. It seems to be working well.