Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Pie - Chapter 1

     While Easy was putting on weight and doing well I decided that I was going to need another lesson horse for the upcoming Spring/Summer. It was Jan and I knew that I could get one cheap and have it trained the way I wanted for the surge in lessons/camps. I had made the decision to get a horse but hadn't started looking seriously. I was in a tack shop and there was a sign that said "OTTB gelding $500/obo" and a phone number. I decided to call. I have a thing for TBs.

     I ended up chatting with this nice man that meant really well. He bought this horse to rescue him but had bitten off more than he could chew. He had a stallion and mare at him home already and couldn't turn this gelding out in the pasture and wasn't familliar enough with TBs, cribbers, putting weight on, etc. He was in WAY over his head.

     A faithful barn rat and I went out to take a look at this gelding. When we got there and saw him there was no question he was coming home with me. I didn't care if I had to re-start him....he wasn't staying there. He was in a SMALL paddock with about 2' of mud, skin and bones, a cribbing collar so tight it was chocking him, he was running around b/c he couldn't breath, and scared to death.

     He was quickly caught, the cribbing collar was removed, he was loaded into the trailer, and the price was negotiated. Pie was named on the way home. I felt bad for him though....it was a cold day and I had a strict policy on new rescues being de-wormed, bathed, and thoroughly groomed before being allowed near other horses. The barn rats attacked him when I unloaded him and made sure he was presentable before being put in his stall. They had been working hard on getting extra bedding and piles of good hay ready before we got there.

     Pie explores his stall, grabs a mouthful to eat, and starts bobbing and weaving......GROAN.

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