Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Problem

Over the past 2 years my wonderful horsey on-of-a-kind can never be replaced has been on and off lame. Mostly lame. Since our move from Mooresville, NC he has seemed better. With all the heat we haven't been riding as much as I would have like and when we did it was mostly at the walk.

This past Sunday I got on him in my english saddle and he wasn't right. He doesn't seem to be in pain but he is off.

So I'm troubled with the problem of do I drop another HUGE chunk of money on trying to diagnose him? He has had rest, injections, x-rays, you name it without a diagnosis. If I do call the vet out for him I only see 3 possible results:
- Diagnosis - surgery to fix($$$$$$)
- Diagnosis - can't be fixed
- No Diagnosis

Call me picky but I don't like ANY of those answers. So I think the best answer for both of us is to leave him alone. I will still throw him a bute and hop on him once a month or so because he truly seems to enjoy it and I miss him. I don't think walking rides will do anymore damage considering he is pasture sound and tears around after the donkey like he is 150% ok.

So now the fun part....finding something else to ride. My sister has 2 horses that are hers. 1 is an older mare she rescued that will hopefully be going to a new home next weekend. The other is a 9yr old Arab/Saddlebred mare that I broke to ride last winter. This is a sweet mare that is still a little green but safe and fearless. There is nothing wrong with her....except I HATE riding her. I don't know what it is but I don't enjoy my rides on her. I have been riding her some to keep her and I in shape but....ugh its a chore when it shouldn't be.

So now I absorb the yucky task of horse shopping. I don't have any big requirements...I have owned so many horses over the years(over 40) that I don't really have any breed/color issues. My favorite color is gray but I will look at any. I don't want a gaited horse. I want something versatile. Other than that I'm open so welcome to Alex's ADD shopping. Enjoy!

My boy as an UGLY yearling:
About a year later:

 Trail Competition:
About 3 years ago and my favorite picture of us:


  1. I need to meet Apple one of these days... he's so cute and I've heard so much about him!

    Good luck horse shopping! I wish I needed another horse, but I need another horse like a need a hole in my head! :)

  2. Apple is beautiful! It is a shame that he's lame :(.